Fuel Injectors: Set of 8 LS1 / LS6 / LT1 / EV1 Style High Impedance HPI Injectors

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At HPI We carry various top shelf High Impedance injectors made in Germany. All of our injectors are designed from Bosch Gen 3 Core Blueprints and have our custom HPI Tip with an added screen  to increase injector life; Using only stainless steel our injectors are of the highest quality and E85 Compatable!

Our injector is a Bosch EV6 based High Impedance fuel injector, utilizing the latest in fuel injector technology.  They come in sets that are matched within 1% static (I.E. Full Flow) and 2% dynamically (I.E. being pulsed). This matching process provides great cylinder to cylinder consistency. The matching process combined with the fast response and linearity of this injector produces amazing idle qualities, excellent drive-ability, and smoothness not found in other injectors of this size.

We provide injector deadtimes and flow ratings which makes calibrating your fuel maps easier.   Our injectors will operate with up to 9bar of fuel pressure differential.  It has a EV6 connector, but will come with EV1   plug and play connectors. Our injector is compatible with ethanol and methanol.