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All of our injectors are E85 compatible and tested on a $10,000.00 latest model ASNU machine for leaks, inductance-resistance, spray, idol flow match dynamic and cc/lb static flow match.

At HPI We carry various top shelf High Impedance injectors made in Germany. All of our injectors are designed from Bosch Gen 3 Core Blueprints and have our custom HPI Tip with an added screen on top to increase injector life; Using only stainless steel our injectors are of the highest quality and E85 Compatable! Our injectors range from 60lb to 410lb! We also service, test, and clean injectors.

All of our products are shipped via 2-Day $7.00 USPS Priority Mail Shipping w/insuance up to $1000.00 product value!

We also carry many adapters, harnesses, connectors, and injector extensions. Click "Products" at the top of this page, or CLICK HERE!

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