HPInjectors: 5 Signs of a Fuel Injector gone bad

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When a fuel injector fails, it can lead to lots of problems related to the engine. Nobody likes to fall in trouble with an engine snag, in the middle of the road. Therefore, to avoid all this you must not ignore your fuel injector problems and take them lightly. You can avoid changing the high performance fuel injector, if its in really bad shape, as continuing with it will spoil other parts of the engine too. If you are alert and keep looking for striking points, which indicates that your high performance fuel injector is spoiled, you may be able to gauge it on time and save the other parts of your engine from damage.

Unexpected Engine Power

You can make out if a fuel injector is clogged, as then the gas delivery to it also will become irregular. With such topsy-turvy flow, it’ll cause the engine to fluctuate between high and low rpms, which is not at all smooth to ride, but it’ll be a bouncy ride for you. Whereas you’ll realize the ride used to not always be like this in this precious vehicle of yours in the past.

Misfiring of the Engine

If you have been noticing a change in the power of the engine of your car, you must be attentive. It might be due to the clogging your injector has to face due to foreign particles and maybe once there may come a point when it might not give out any fuel. This is not a happy situation at all to be in, as this is called engine misfire, as this prevents the engine from performing at its optimum best. It is also not good as it may lead to pre-igniting fuel or even over-heating of the engine, which will conk off the engine completely.

Rough Idle

A damaged fuel injector can give you weird problems too. Like it might not allow you to have a smooth engine idle, it might be rough and irregular. Whenever you face with such a situation, you must get your fuel injector checked by an expert.

Leaking Fuel

Leaking fuel is also another situation wherein it’s a signal that your fuel injector might be damaged. Even external cracks in the exterior part of the fuel injectors can cause fuel leaks. Instead of the leak happening from the nozzle, it can happen from the body of the car too. This also will severely reduce the performance of your car engine, this goes without saying.

Reduced Gas Mileage

A damaged fuel injector will let the fuel to leak through the body of your car or instead of supplying the correct amount of fuel while driving; it’ll provide excessive amounts, which is not a good thing in itself. This might be the case because the internal springs are spoiled. This will drastically reduce the mileage of your car too undoubtedly. This is an obvious situation and if this happens, you need to realize it immediately that something is wrong with your fuel injector.

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