Corvette Headlight Replacement Lens

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General Motors launched the Chevrolet Corvette model in 2005, which was scheduled to be commissioned in 2013. The car is affectionately referred to as C6 and the exposed headlights are one of the most attractive features of the vehicle. The headlight comes with acrylic or plexiglass cover. GM continued to provide support for the C6 headlight and lenses for a while, until 2015. These were available with the OEM supplier a few years ago. However, now the production of the lenses and headlight assemblies have been discontinued. This means that you need to find a reliable third party supplier that won't drain your bank account. 

Headlight lens issues 

The headlight is certainly very important, especially if you don’t always drive in daylight conditions. As you drive your car on the road, the headlights are subjected to regular wear and tear. The amount of abuse the headlights undergo determine their longevity. The headlight lenses will lose their potential due to severe exposure to UV rays. The seals between the inner and outer cover may experience micro fissures, which will affect the efficiency of your car headlights. The headlight lens may just fail because of impact from the debris on the road. Dimming headlights and lights casting a yellow shade should be addressed at the earliest to ensure proper road visibility. 

Best C6 headlight replacement lens is just a click away 

Finding the right C6 headlight replacement lens is now easy as HighPerformanceInjectors has updated its inventory of C6 headlight lens. The high demand for our world-class headlight replacement lens encouraged us to air express 500 lenses and 500 more lenses will be added to our inventory in the next few days. 

Our specialty C6 headlight replacement lenses are reinforced with UV protection, through our professional grade UV protection polyurethane hardened clear coat. This adds necessary UV protection to the existing polycarbonate plastic of the headlight lenses.  The advanced protection ensures that the lenses don’t fade, get yellow or fog for the next 10 years. No other manufacturer is capable of providing such a quality assurance for headlight lens. 

Our website is the best place to purchase C6 Corvette replacement headlights because we offer a pair of lens for just $289, including shipping. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t intend on increasing the price soon, due to the demand for the lenses. The high-quality lenses match the manufacturer requirements and you will find it easier to replace the headlight lenses on your own. You have to take action immediately, when you notice your headlights going dim before they burn out completely. 

Replacing headlight lens can be done, if you understand the owner’s manual. The exposed headlight design of the C6 Corvette makes it easy to replace the lens on your own. However, you should never attempt a DIY replacement project, if you are not sure of the car’s mechanism. You can refer to videos on YouTube for replacement instructions. If you are unsure of your skills, it is best to leave the task to the professionals.

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