Are Fuel Injector Services Important For Car Maintenance?

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Car maintenance is an expensive and time consuming ordeal. If you ensure proper care for your car, you can enjoy a smooth riding experience, optimal power and desirable fuel efficiency. Numerous steps are involved in car maintenance and in reality, the car owners don’t bother about it. Your car mechanic may promise you to provide a thorough cleaning and you may not notice any difference in performance apart from the visual appeal of the car. The fuel injector services are not a part of regular automobile cleaning and there is a lot of discussion regarding its importance. 

The car manufacturers don’t generally insist that fuel injection maintenance is essential. They simply suggest that it is not required, if you use the car properly. When you read the manufacturer suggestions, you can find that they recommend Top Tier gasoline. It is expensive, but it contains additives that clean the fuel injector every time gas is pumped. Modern day gasoline contains ethanol and carbon is a natural byproduct of combustion. When your car runs for several thousands of miles, the non-combustible chemicals become sticky and prevent the fuel injector from doing its job. 

It is impossible for car owners to determine whether their fuel injector needs to be replaced or serviced. If you start to experience problems with fuel consumption, you should not hesitate to take your car to a professional for a thorough inspection of fuel injectors. The fuel injector service will ensure that all the gunk is removed and cleaned. If necessary, the expert may replace the fuel injector to improve performance. 

The professional will first scan the computer system of your car for the codes. The injectors will be visually inspected for any visible signs of fuel leakage. Depending on the type of the stock fuel injector, OHM test may be performed to evaluate the performance. If there a problem with the spraying of gas or emissions, the fuel injector needs to be replaced. Fuel filter may also be replaced if it is not present in the fuel pump. The upper intake manifold gasket may also need to be replaced. Another test will also be performed to ensure that there is no fuel leakage. Appropriate tests will be conducted to clear the diagnosis. Your car will be taken for a test drive before it is given back to you. 

The fuel injector services are not cheap and it may not always be necessary. If you have started having trouble starting your car, cleaning the throttle may just be enough. Fuel injector services become a necessity, if you experience decreased fuel consumption. Continuously running your car with ineffective fuel injector will force you to spend more on gas because the engine will start running rich. Sometimes, the problem may become so severe affecting the health of your engine. Fuel leakage can also be extremely dangerous, if you ignore the problem. It is best to take your car for professional fuel injector services after 45,000 miles or 36 months. 

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