Improve Your Car performance Using the Right Injectors

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Owning and maintaining a car is not rocket science, but with some minor modifications, you can improve mileage and get more out of your car. Vehicle improvement is a favorite thing to do for many car owners. If you are thinking about vehicle improvement, you should know about high-performance fuel injectors. The ECM in your car’s engine is responsible for calculating fuel requirements and allowing enough fuel to flow to the engine. Without a proper injection system, there won't be a mechanism to stop the fuel from overwhelming your car engine. 

The fuel injectors are (60lb, 80lb, 96lb, 105lb, 120lb, 160lb, 200lb, 225lb) essentially small cylinders that control the flow of fuel. The ECU system uses sensor readings and calculates the amount of fuel required for the air/fuel ratio. After that, the injector is grounded to pulse the exact amount of fuel. There are two types of injectors – high impedance and low impedance injectors. Most of the cars are designed for use with one type of injectors even though some ECU systems can work with both. While upgrading your car’s performance, always match the injector with the one that came with your car. 

Installing new high-performance injectors should be done carefully because it will work with some support modifications. While this is an overhead that you have to deal with, the performance gain is extensive enough to balance the tradeoffs. HPI provides some of the best high impedance injectors for your vehicle and you can get the injectors with a lifetime warranty. This means that you don’t have to keep spending a lot of money on injectors because the one you buy will save you a lot of money. 

When your cars are made in the factory, they are capable to run at 80% load. The stock engines perform optimally with 80% of their capacity. After installing aftermarket parts, more air gets into the engine and it reduces the performance of injectors. It results in just 20% load. Non-turbo cars that operate with fewer modifications will perform well at this load. However, when more changes are made to the engine such as adding NOS, boost or engine displacement, more air will get into the engine. This will result in poor performance of the fuel injectors as enough fuel will not be pulsed into the engine. It is then time to upgrade your fuel delivery system with high-performance fuel injectors. 

To use your car with a new fuel injector, you need to reprogram the ECU. The time of opening and closing of injectors are controlled by ECU. Your car engine should neither run too lean or too rich. You can ensure this by installing a piggyback fuel computer along with air/fuel ratio gauge. The system will provide you feedback on the readings so that you can spot the trouble before it gets out of hand. 

The use of HPI high-performance injectors will upgrade your fuel system efficiently increasing the reliability, power, and efficiency of your car engine. You can hire professional services to ensure that your car is calibrated for high performance.

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