Aeromotive 340 Stealth Fuel Pump Installation

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The fuel pump is responsible for providing your car’s engine, with a pressurized fuel. Modern day electrical fuel pumps are submerged in fuel tanks for optimal performance. The fuel pump design has changed a great deal, compared to the olden days. 

As the high-pressure equipment is kept immersed in liquid, the chances of overheating are very less. Even if the fuel pump creates a spark, it will be controlled without any setback within the tank. Also, when the fuel tank is placed away from the engine, it adds to the safety factor. In the case of collision, the chances of the fuel tank exploding are quite low, which enhances overall safety. The fuel pump performs the most important task, to ensure vehicle performance. 

When you need to replace the fuel pump in your car, the Aeromotive 340 stealth in-tank fuel pump is the best choice. This fuel pump provides 30% more fuel flow, which means that your car can always operate at its peak performance levels. This fuel pump bolsters onto the existing assemblies, allowing you to easily replace the pump, as and when it is needed. For almost all vehicles that are compatible with aftermarket pumps, the Aeromotive 340 pump can be used. 

The fuel pump must be replaced, when you have issues with the flow of the fuel. Problems such as a slow flow of the fuel, low or absent fuel pressure could all indicate a problem with the fuel pump. When the fuel and air are not mixed in the right amount to generate enough pressure, your car’s mileage could suffer. Replacing fuel pump is a DIY job, if you are an experienced car owner, with a complete understanding of the owner’s manual. 

Before working with fuel pump installation, drain the fuel tank, as much as possible. The fuel injected vehicles require depressurizing the fuel system first, before replacement. Otherwise, fuel may be sprayed at very high pressure and it could result in fire accidents. The in-tank fuel pumps are usually fitted from the top. Removing the back seat of your car will expose an access panel underneath, which you can find the fuel tank. After locating the empty fuel tank, remove the fuel pump. Disconnect the fuel line and remove the fuel pump from the tank. Disconnect the wires from the pump, before removing it. Before removing the tank entirely, you should note down the placement of these wires, so that you know how to do it right, while installing the new Aeromotive 340 fuel pump. 

The installation process is easier, compared to the removal process. You need to insert the fuel pump inside the tank. Then, connect the fuel lines. The retaining strap under the fuel tank must be properly fitted. This may vary depending on the model of the car. Then, you should connect the filler tube hose and the electrical connector. Finally, you can connect the negative battery cable. When you complete these steps without a glitch, you can fill the fuel tank with gasoline and test the vehicle on the road.

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